On-leash hiking, socialization, & exercise

We bring tails outside

Our company was founded with the mission to bring tails outside. We believe that every pup deserves to experience the magic found exploring the island's vast trail network. 

Whether your pup be a serious adventurer, a small pooch with a big heart for exploration and fun, or an adult senior, we will guarantee that they have a great time with us whether we are out on the trails or taking a walk around the block. 

Individual Dog Walks: Monday-Sunday

30 and 60 minute walks available

Water, treats, EZ Walk harnesses & leashes included

Individual Field Trips: Monday-Sunday

Door-to-door transportation

Flexible timing for pick-up

and drop-off

An invigorating experience full of new smells, new terrain, and new challenges

Safe travel in a pet certified SleepyPod seatbelt harness 

Water, treats, EZ Walk harnesses & leashes included

Our individual field trips were created for the solo explorer. Whether your dog craves alone time or needs a run, we've got them covered. We'll match your dog's pace and check all the boxes to make sure they are happy and tired after their time with us. Add a sibling for no extra charge!