Visits at your home

for ages 8 weeks to 5 months old

Fear free training

Start Out on the Right Paw

Our puppy visits are aimed at helping busy pet parents care for their new puppies while they are working or traveling. Each of our puppy visits will nurture and instill valuable lessons and we'll be there to support you as you master these training techniques along with your puppy. 

teaching and reinforcement of basic commands

leash walking skills & impulse control

calm approach and recall 

redirecting mouthing and play biting

household manners & polite greetings

potty training

exercise and playtime



Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting is committed to modern training methods rooted in the latest science in the field of animal behavior.  Some terms commonly used to describe our methods are  ‘positive reinforcement’, ‘reward based’, ‘force free’, and ‘clicker’ training.  Every dog is an individual, so we identify what motivates your dog and teach them that great things happen when they make great choices.

Rather than focusing on what we don’t want the dog to do (eg. pulling on leash) we teach the dog what we do want them to do (eg. walk next to us). Focusing on the positive makes training more enjoyable for dogs and humans alike. 

We follow the Humane Hierarchy, training dogs without the use of fear, intimidation, pain, or other aversive methods.

What our Pet Parents Say

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