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Our Services


Dog Walking

Our dog walks are offered Monday - Friday, 11am-2pm. Our dog walks include a water bowl top-off, GPS tracking, a visit report, and a happy pup when you return home. 

30 minutes   $45

45 minutes   $52

1-hour           $59

+$4 for a second dog



Our signature packages include one of us staying the whole night in your home with your pets, feedings, at least two daily walks, and a spotless home with happy pets when you return.

Starting at $194/day

Dinner Visits

Kitty Care



Heading off-island and missing your dog's dinner time? We'll feed and walk your dogs at their normally scheduled dinner hour.

35 minutes   $55

50 minutes   $67

We offer daily morning visits which include feeding, a water refresh, cleaning kitty areas, scooping litter boxes, and companionship. 

20 minutes   $35

Wedding Services

Weddings with Al Fresco Tails is a canine concierge service providing a stress-free wedding day experience for your dog on the best day of your life. More info is available on our Weddings page.


Dogs, like us, need to feel safe, at peace, and loved. They depend on us to fill those needs and we are obligated to do so."

Dr. Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. Animal Behavior

What Our Clients Say


Evan S.

It's so hard for us to leave our dogs behind, and I can honestly say that this was the most comfortable I have ever been with being away from them.