Your Pet's Safety is Always #1

You can trust us to get the job done. Whether it's taking your pup for a stroll while you're at work or taking care of your dogs in your home overnight, we always put your pet's happiness and safety first. Here's a look at what's inside our day packs. (If you're as pet conscious as we are, you might want to pick up these items too!)

1. Treats!

This one's a no-brainer. Not only do we spoil our pups with yummy treats for a walk well done, but we'll also use treats if Max needs some encouragement to put his harness on or keep walking. Our favorites are Wag More, Bark Less lamb treats and Mother Hubbard's crunchy baked treats.

2. Our friend, Gulpy

This small water bottle dispenser fits snugly into our pack and fits just the right amount of water for thirsty pups on hot and humid days. We always carry a foldable bowl for those pups who aren't comfortable with Gulpy.

3. You guessed it.....poop bags.

We never leave home without them and these bags from Earth Rated are simply our favorite. We'll leave out the details - just trust us on this one.

4. The Hyperwhistle

We are big fans of non-harmful ways to prevent a pet-sitters and dog owner's worst nightmare: a dog attack. This whistle is our first resort when it comes to scaring away a loose dog. If that doesn't work, we'll also use our citronella dog repellant spray.

Do you have any tried and true tools for keeping your pets safe? Let us know in the comments!

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