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Does your dog pull you down the street? Does walking your dog feel like work? Does life start to feel unbearable when your dog sees another dog while you're out taking a stroll?

Let us help you!

We've got a lot of tricks up our sleeve when it comes to teaching your dog how to walk nicely. We incorporate force-free techniques and positive reinforcement to let Buddy know he's doing a great job. Here's a few tips from our toolbox to get you started:

Don't Pull Back

It's easy to react without thinking when your dog pulls you around on the leash. Don't be tempted to pull back and force your dog to walk in the opposite direction of where he was trying to go.

Use the Leash as a Guide

Many people will use their leash as a rope to drag their dog where they want them to go. You're done sniffing now [pull]. Let's go this way [pull]. Don't be that person. Use the leash simply as a guide. Guide your dog to where you'd like their attention to rest. It's okay to use treats as a lure if your dog is easily distracted!

Ignore Bad Behavior

Only reward good behavior and don't punish your dog for acting badly. Some examples of good behavior are checking in with you, looking at you, walking in the direction you're going, walking by your side, sitting when waiting to cross an intersection, and walking by another dog without lunging or barking. Have a high-value treat handy anytime you're spending time with your dog.

If you want to learn more and let us work with your pup, get in touch! We're offering a free training consult and training sessions are $45 for 60 minutes. We walk and train your dog and provide you with support materials so that you can keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect and consistency is key with any kind of dog training.

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