January is Train Your Dog Month

Updated: May 9

January is National Train Your Dog Month! We've put together a list of websites and resources that will help you get started whether you're interested in finding a dog trainer or just want to learn about dog behavior and training on your own.

1. Not everyone can afford a dog trainer

Training isn't cheap and finding a trainer you admire and trust can be a challenge. If you're unable to afford or find a dog trainer, here's a list of our favorite authors to kickstart your research:

Jean Donaldson

Karen Pryor

Patricia McConnell

Ian Dunbar

Suzanne Clothier

Pat Miller

Sophia Yin

Nicole Wilde

Brenda Aloff

Susan Garrett

PS Many, if not all, of these authors have books that are available to check out from your local library :)

2. That Dog Geek

Beacon Dog Training is based in the land down under, but they have some of the best infographics, articles, and videos that we've seen on dog training, socialization, and dog FAQs. Check out their Facebook page too!

3. You've decided to find a dog trainer

Excellent news! Check out this article from Companion Animal Psychology. Dog training is an under-regulated industry, so it's important to know what to look for in a trainer.

4. Association of Professional Dog Trainers

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the APDT and their Train your Dog month site. Each year, they add tons of new content and videos to their page. If you really love learning about dog behavior, consider registering for their annual conference (2020 was virtual) or signing up for some of their online classes. It's way better than learning on the 'Tube!

If you're looking for more resources or training tips, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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