Top 3 Best Dog Hikes on MV

In Temple Grandin's book "Animals Make Us Human: creating the best life for animals," Temple explores how we can give animals a good mental life. What can we do to provide the animals we care for a happy life? One of the five guidelines from the Animal Welfare Movement is "freedom to express normal behavior". For a dog, normal behavior is to roam many miles a day, which is illegal in most places, if not downright dangerous.

Rather than let your dog roam on its own and invariably run into a hot mess (turkey sandwich anyone?), here are our top 3 best hikes on-island where you and your pup can really stretch your legs!

Peaked Hill

Photo credit @heathermangione

This beautiful trail system is located in Chilmark off of Tabor House Road and provides stunning views for both you and your dog. There's plenty of freedom to roam off-leash as this area is lightly trafficked and well maintained.

Waskosim's Rock

Photo credit @tmillervineyard

Full of local history and fun hilly terrain, Waskosim's Rock is a spacious dog playground. Access this trail from North Road in Chilmark.

Great Rock Bight

Photo credit @houstontheshepard

Last but not least, our favorite place to go is Great Rock Bight on Brickyard Road in Chilmark. Best during the off-season, It offers an extraordinary refreshing reward at the end of a great hike.

What are your top 3 best dog hikes on Martha's Vineyard?