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Updated: Jun 12

Here's an overview of the pet-sitting app we use, Time to Pet. Time to Pet is used by over 2,000 dog walkers and pet-sitters nationwide. We're approaching our one year anniversary of using this awesome software, so it's about time we dedicate a blog post and tell you about its most innovative features.

On the Go Scheduling

The Time to Pet app is available for both iOS and Android. Once you've met with us, you'll be able to book pet care and communicate with both of us right from your phone. There are no limits to how late you can request services, but we recommend booking walks at least 24 hours in advance and overnight care at least two weeks in advance.

Transparent Invoices & Easy Payments

Requesting services is easy and making payments is even easier. As soon as your service request is confirmed by us, an invoice is automatically generated and available to view within the app. Time to Pet uses Stripe for credit card processing and is fully PCI compliant

Online Profile

You'll never have to wonder whether we remembered your lockbox passcode or to feed your fish. When we visit your home, we have all of the information you provided to us. Time to Pet allows us to store client information securely and allows you to update your online profile as often as you need to. Our promise to you is personalized care, each and every time.

Report Cards

Last but not least, the best Time to Pet hallmark is report cards. Get ready to receive a very cute report of your pet's time with us complete with thoughtful photos, GPS tracking, and a story of our time together. Every report card is saved in Time to Pet so you'll always have a treasure trove of adorable photos to send to family and friends during the holidays!

Time to Pet Help Articles

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