Take Your Dog for a Hike

We believe, and dog experts agree, that your dog's happiness and health improves from getting regular, quality exercise. Just as you're healthier and happier when you exercise - especially with your friends - the same also applies to your pup.

We have access to some of Massachusetts best hikes and several of the best dog-friendly trails out there thanks to our friends at Sheriffs Meadow, The Land Bank, and the Trustees of Reservations. These trails not only allow access to exploring new places and smelling new things, they also offer convenience – you’ll know your pup is never too far away.

Other good reasons to go for a hike:

  • Helps develop motor skills, sharpens senses, adds to the complexity of brain development, enhances problem-solving, increases behavioral flexibility, and plays an instrumental role in building, maintaining, and strengthening social bonds.

  • Helps timid pooches become more socialized and accepting of new situations and environments, leading to improved self-confidence.

  • Helps alleviate boredom, frustration, and other stress relieving behaviors like aggression, excessive barking, digging, escaping, and chewing.

  • Helps improve digestive problems and constipation.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about our Dog Adventures and follow us on Instagram to see our adventuring in action!

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