Now Offering Private Boarding in Vineyard Haven

Updated: Nov 30

Going out of town? We are now taking boarding applications from dog moms and dads who would like to board their small (25lbs or under) dogs in our home in Vineyard Haven. Dogs must be over 1 year old. Your pup can stay with us with all the comforts of home, including long walks and beach excursions, love and affection, and a kennel-free environment. We will accept up to two small dogs from the same family at a time.

Please review our terms and conditions and frequently asked questions below before contacting us.


Reservations are required for boarding. We request that you give us at least 72 hours advance notice when requesting boarding services. We ask for a non-refundable deposit equal to one day's stay ($140) to reserve a boarding package. Deposits are due at the time of booking. If deposits are not received within two days, or 48 hours of requesting services, reservations will be canceled and clients notified. If services are canceled with or without adequate notice, the deposit will not be returned.


We take online payments through our pet-sitting software, Time to Pet. The remaining balance is due the day before pick-up by 5pm. The card on file will be charged the remaining balance at 5pm and a receipt of payment will be sent to the email address on file. Services cannot begin before full payment is made.

Pet Drop-off & Pick Up

We offer pet transportation services for pets who are boarding with us. At this time, we don't allow pet owners to pick up and drop off their pets at our home.

All dogs will be crated safely and securely in our vehicles during pick-up & drop-off. If your pet is injured while traveling with us and the injury is severe enough to warrant a veterinary visit, you will be responsible for all medical bills related to the incident. Our pick up and drop off window is between 9-10am. If you request a different pick-up or drop-off window, additional fees will apply.

If your return home is scheduled for 5pm or later, we reserve the right to extend your pet's stay with us for an additional night and your pet will be dropped off at your home between 9-10am the following day. Please note that if your scheduled departure is earlier than 7am, we reserve the right to pick up your pet the day before you travel. We encourage you to plan your travel accordingly with these terms in mind.

Early Returns

There is no refund for services canceled due to early returns or last-minute travel schedule changes when services have already started. If you need to return home earlier than expected, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can schedule your pet's new drop-off window. We reserve the right to keep your pet for an additional night if we're unable to drop your pet off during our regular drop-off window.

Late Returns

Please notify us as soon as there are any changes to your travel schedule due to unexpected delays. Your pet will not be dropped off at your home until we have received confirmation that you have arrived home.

Food & Feeding

Please prepare and store your dog's food in a sealed and labeled container at the time of pick-up. Please provide more than enough for your dog's entire stay. If your dog requires a special diet and the supply you provided is exhausted during your dog's stay, we will make every effort to procure the same or similar brand on your behalf, and you will be charged for the quantity purchased as well as a procurement fee.

Personal Items

We will not be able to bring your dog's personal items with us for their boarding stay. This includes toys, treats (unless your dog has a food allergy), or bedding. We provide a dog bed, toys, leash, harness, food bowls, and treats to all the dogs that are boarding with us. Please let us know if your dog has any food allergies.

​Pet Updates

At the end of every billed visit, you will receive a pet report of your pet's time with us, including an update, time-stamped GPS tracking information, and photos. You'll receive 2-3 updates each day we're boarding your pets.

Abandoned Animals

If we don't receive confirmation that you have arrived home and all efforts to contact you fail, we will try contacting your emergency contact(s). If you fail to get in touch with us within three days of your scheduled return home, we will continue to provide basic service to ensure your dog's health and safety, and charges will continue to accrue at double the boarding rate. We will make the best effort to contact you using the information you provided, advising you that if your dog(s) is not picked up within a reasonable time period, your dog(s) will be deemed to be abandoned and that we will deliver the dog(s) to a third-party adoption partner or to Tisbury Animal Control. You understand that you may lose ownership of your dog(s) under these circumstances. If you fail to get in contact with us for any reason, you release Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting from all further liability and responsibility for your dog(s). You shall remain liable to Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting for all unpaid charges, including without limitation the court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in the collection of such charges.

Cancellation Policy

If boarding services are canceled with at least 3 days or 72 hours notice, invoices will be canceled and clients will not be billed. However, the deposit will not be refunded.

If boarding services are canceled without adequate notice as stated above, clients will be charged 50% of the total balance.

If services are paid for in full before services begin and services are canceled with adequate notice as stated in our cancellation policy, the client will be issued a full refund with the exception of the non-refundable deposit.

If services are paid for in full before services begin and services are not canceled with adequate notice as stated in our cancellation policy, a 50% refund will be applied.

In the event of a pet's death after a boarding package is reserved and before care begins, all payments will be refunded, including the deposit.

Undesirable Behaviors

In the event of undesirable pet behaviors, which include, but not limited to the following: signs of aggression, destructive behaviors, frequent indoor potty accidents, uncontrollable barking, etc, you agree that we may crate your pet in order to prevent injury and/or further destruction of property. If crating your pet doesn't ensure sitter and property safety, we will notify you by phone, text, or email and you agree to promptly pick up your pet from our home. Prepaid boarding fees for unused days will be refunded. "Undesired behaviors" will be defined by Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting.

Animal Aggression

Please note that if your dog bites/injures another animal or person while in our care, you will be liable. For our safety, we are unable to accept aggressive pets.


Please be sure to inform us of any health condition your pets may have, including food allergies. Note that brachycephalic dogs, puppies, and geriatric dogs, and those with laryngeal paralysis or Addison's disease may require additional precautions and closer attention. Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting cannot provide service to any pet that has any form of contagious illness.


We require that all dogs have had their core puppy vaccines (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, and Rabies), and that they either receive boosters or titers, at the recommendation of their vet. Dogs who are boarding with us additionally need to be on preventative tick and flea treatment. All dogs must have current vaccinations per their veterinarian’s recommendations. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to provide updated shot records to Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting annually.

Animal Aggression

Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting does not offer services to aggressive or highly reactive animals. As an Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting client, you agree to honestly represent your dog’s history, and disclose any history of biting and/or threatening behavior to a person or animal. You are responsible for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care, legal fees, etc) if your dog bites a person or another animal while they are in our care. You are also responsible for contacting us if you notice any significant behavioral changes in your animal, and Al Fresco Tails Pet Sitting agrees to do the same. We are unable to accept dogs that have a bite history resulting in medical intervention, either with another dog or a person.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I meet you first before leaving my dog with you?

Yes, we insist on it. Before agreeing to board a dog, we always have an initial meeting with you and your dog at your home. While we're happy to provide photos and a description of our home in Vineyard Haven, we don't offer in-our-home visits at this time to protect our privacy. We will pick up and drop off your dog at your home as part of our boarding services.

2. Will my dog have access to an outside area?

We don't have a fenced-in yard, so instead we offer frequent leashed walks around our neighborhood when your dog is staying with us.

4. My dog is not good with other dogs, can you still board her?

Yes. Apart from your dog's sibling, we won't board other dogs in our home while your dog is staying with us. We don't have any pets of our own either.

5. My dog is old – does she have to take that many walks?

We modify our walk schedule and activity level to accommodate older dogs.

6. My dog is not good with kids, can you still board him?

We frequently encounter children in our neighborhood, so we only board dogs that have been previously socialized with children or are known to be calm and friendly (or indifferent) around kids.

7. What do I need to prepare for my dog's stay?

Pack your dog's food in a sealed container. Don't forget any medications if your dog is currently taking them.

Boarding Rates

$140 per 24-hour period (9am-9am)

includes walks, feedings on your dog's regular schedule, and an overnight stay

Additional dog + $35 per day

*Two-night minimum

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