Meet the Paw-fect Pup: Ivy Rose!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We sat down with esteemed Oak Bluff's very own dog mayor, Ivy Rose, this weekend. She's a VIP (Very Important Paws) and we're so happy she agreed to meet with us. It only took two treats and three rounds of belly rubs! Ivy Rose is a year-round resident of Oak Bluffs and has been mayor for several dog-years. She's also Chair of the Fur-real Recycling Committee and collects water bottles in her front yard.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about how you got your name?

A: I got my name from my paw-rents . My mother's name is Ivy and my father's name is Roosevelt, so I'm Ivy Rose, the III actually! I hail from Pacheco Kennels in Raynham, MA.

Q: So, it's a known fact around town that you get the most treats from all of the hoomans. You've gotta tell us paws...what's your secret?

A: I sniff them out and can tell who has them. Then I just wander up with a smile on my face, a little wiggle, and a tail wag and bingo, there ya go a treat appears! It's an art.

Q: It clearly is! If I met you at the dog park, would you say hi to me and give me one of your treats? 

A: Nice try, but I earned those treats. I'll talk to my friend Tana. Come to my playgroup and we'll see what happens. 

Q: You're the mayor of Oak Bluffs, I hear. What would you say to other dogs who want to be mayor?

A: As far as being Mayor goes ya gotta like people, like to walk the beat, and gotta like dogs . Now cats...that's different. I'm not a fan. Squirrels...I get along with them. Skunks are hit or miss (chuckles).

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: I love to swim in the ocean and then roll in the sand afterward. The sandier I get the better!

Q: What's your favorite place to sniff around?

A: I LOVE to sniff and search for water bottles on my walks. My favorite bottles are Polar Spring bottles!

Q: What’s your favorite toy?

A: My favorite toy is a little yellow duck with no stuffing that has a squeaker. Don't get between me and my duck.

Q: What’s your favorite time of year?

A: I love the off-season, especially the cooler weather in the winter. I roll and play in the snow, and I even swim at the beach.

Q: What’s your favorite swimming spot on-island?

A: My favorite beach is East Chop! Every morning before 8, there are lots of dogs who run, swim, chase each other, and sniff! And of course I like to beg for a few snacks.

If you have a VIP pup, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch to set up an interview with us. Woof!

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